Are You In The Market For A New Home?

Are You In The Market For A New Home?

Buying a residential property means different things to different people. The word "HOME", however, says it all: comfort, shelter, and security. Therefore, committing to such an investment is indeed a major decision. It has to be done right in view of finding the home that meets your lifestyle requirements and is a sound investment in the long term.

Sales figures point to a strong real estate market on Vancouver Island. Interest rates are low and there's a good supply of favorably priced homes. That's good news to anyone who is seriously considering home ownership.
Ideal home-buying conditions, such as those just mentioned, can place the potential home Buyer in a quandary when it comes to focusing on a range of ideal properties.

In such situations, it's always wise to enlist the services of a REALTOR®. By definition, REALTOR® is a trademark owned by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) which identifies local, licensed real estate practitioners who are members the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board and as such adhere to CREA's strict Code of Ethics and high Standards of Business Practice.

Moreover, REALTORS have access to the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®), a cooperative property marketing system through which properties are bought and sold, and buyers are matched with sellers. MLS® is one of the surest ways to get "the marketing edge" in a home transaction.

Choosing a home is a decision often made emotionally and intuitively rather than on the premise of financial investment. Generally, potential home buyers want an affordable home to live in, raise a family and establish some form of stability and security, and then, a property that can be deemed an investment per se.

Whichever the case, REALTORS are a good resource to use because of their access to timely and detailed market information and knowledge of financing and investment opportunities.

Consultation with a REALTOR® can therefore greatly enhance the circumstances in which not only a good, comfortable home can be acquired, but that a high-yield investment can also be made.

This article was provided by the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board - "An Association of REALTORS", for the information and benefit of consumers.

March, 1993 rev Feb/95 rev Jan/98